29 January 2005
(轉貼歡迎 但請註明出處)

Interview of Polish musicians in

In order to perceived a synoptic effect of mind concern on subject of
“Electronic Music Patten”, I had choose specific questions in addressing of
contemporary media art and the relationship to “Sound Art” which often discussed
as continuer.

__ Polish Sound Artist
Marek Choloniewski,
?ukaz Andrzej Szalankiewicz & Michal Liberak

__ interview and
translated by PEI ____________15.01.2005

// what inspiration to your sound
sculpture, is that the tone martial or reality?

// film, picture & music are the cotemporary
culture which are more likely to present often then tone, in your sense? How do
you get to the idea on working on such martial?
比起聲音素材,當代文化中的電影、圖像及音樂的表現是比較多元化的,你的想法呢? 你如何開始著手以這樣的素材創作?

// is that
difficult to work as sound artist/musician?
// 做為一位聲音藝術家困難嘛?


..I'm inspired by many different resources for a long time so
opening to all surroundings is one of the deal working with all media available
is another one. I don't specify the difference between reality and the art. It
depends on the very personal decisions of the artist following Marcel Duchamp,
the artist determines the boundary between reality and the art, so putting the
label to the extracted, framed fragment of the reality is enough to create the
piece of art.
friend Dan Senn from Tacoma found the open field in the forest with quite
unnatural, sophisticated acoustic reflections, so he put the sticker with his
name and the title: Sound Forest, it was enough to change the function of the
place by labeling it, finding a unique, simple solution is the specific
combination between technology existing in the most natural, but also discrete,
hidden way and ideas, concepts with more complex structures, so joining film,
picture & music, but also philosophy, literature, science: anthropology,
biology, kinetics, optics, basic visual phenomena is one of the choice for my
art projects.
..我的一位朋友 - Dan Senn
..I'm living with the special balance between activity and observation,
sending and receiving in the same time, observing relation between different
mobile elements, checking all processes which surround me every time, so
surrounding is one of many potential, one of my basic idea is global illusion of
something, which doesn't exist, which appears only as a reflection of another
..All "realities" around are just potentially existing codes, substitutes,
equivalent of another potential. All those extensions, compressions,
accelerations and reductions are the most important elements in my audiovisual
projects. My Natural Plastic Duo (together with Amy Knoles from Los Angeles)
dedicated its art ideas to those elements.
..四周所有的 [真實]
都只是潛伏已久的複數編碼,[存在]的替代物,並與另一個潛在的因素相等。它們的擴張、壓縮、加速或簡約才是在我聲化作品中重要的部份,我與洛杉磯藝術家 Amy
Knoles [] 所組成的 [自然塑料二人組 : Natural Plastic Duo] 就見以這些元素為主要藝術概念。
// artist‘s short bio ..MAREK CHO?ONIEWSKI (born 1953, in Cracow), studied
organ (with L.Werner), theory of music and composition (with B.Schaeffer) at the
Cracow Academy of Music, where since 1976, has been employed on the faculty of
the Electro-acoustic Music Studio. In 1986, he founded his own annual
International Concert Series called Audio Art which presented the most important
artists and achievements in "sound art" from all over the world. A world renown
lecturer, composer, "live computer music" performer, and author of audio-visual
computer projects. In-between 1993 – 1999 he was an artistic director of the
International Academy for New Composition and Audio Art in Schwaz (Austria).
Since 2000 he is director of the Electro-acoustic Music Studio at the Cracow
Academy of Music.
// 藝術家簡介..馬瑞克 恰隆尼斯基(b.1953),波蘭克拉克市音樂學院電腦音樂教授,主要作品為 -
L.Werner&B.Schaeffer。從80年代起成立各形各色的管弦樂團體與行動概念藝術作品。自1986年起,主辦克拉克市 AudioArt
Festival 聲音表演藝術展,邀請全球重要聲音藝術家的參與,也任受任於奧地利、德國、亞洲等地的聲音藝術工作坊策畫人,以及科技新媒體作品的計畫。


..I am interested in cooperation on an
international level, that's why I want to become part of many actions. Just
believe that exchanging cultural and life experience can add to both sides
benefit. It's extremely important that cooperation take place in time and space
convenient for everyone involved. In convenient circumstances something really
interesting may be created.
..I do not come up with any phony ideology connected with my creations.
Music is my passion, it fulfill my need to create. Ideology? Everything is
ideology. Rather not easy to work as sound artist/musician.
// artist‘s short bio ?ukaz Andrzej
Szalankiewicz a.k.a Zenial, a sound-designer, a digital music composer and
writer. My family place is Sanok, and now I reside in Krakow... Co-founder of
demo-scene on PC (the hermetic group of artists creating on computers with a
different kind of expression: programming [coding], graphic art, animation,
music and text). And in 1998, Palsecam is an audio-visual project aiming at the
interaction with public. I created pieces with some message in it as well as
there may not. It is entirely up to the listener/recipient how to interpret
these works.
// 藝術家簡介又名
Zenial,聲音設計與數位音樂創作者。我家人來自杉諾克,但我目前住在克拉克市,波蘭藝術團體demo-scene on PC

Lukaz Andrzej Szalankiewicz



..Reality affects us every imaginable way. It moderates our mood as
well as financial status. Reality bites. Reality is what we make of it. When
making music I am focused on my satisfaction, inspiration and intention. I
choose whatever fits my needs in order to express myself, then I take it and
transform it into components of desired effect. In the same sense as a painter
preparing pigments and building canvas himself. Setting own rules every time
anew. In my case this desired effect takes form of beat-oriented patterns or
droning clouds of dense sounds ;) The film, picture and music are likely to
occur together nowadays, provided that sufficient technology is at hand. I was
told once that few % of world's population has access to the internet, so this
"multimedial revolution" isn't something as big as we are told - by media - to
think it is) have the access to hardware, software and the now-how to create
audio and video- artefacts on their own, at their homes. Every one of them has a
possibility to try and use his/her personal computer make a sound or create a
series of moving pictures, a possibility to express oneself other way than
through hard work, family life or contestation of the status quo.
電影、圖像或音樂多是同步發生,這當然指特定的技術層面的允許之下。曾經有人跟我說這世界上只有極小百分比的人與網際網路相連結,所以多媒介的影響不如媒體宣染來的誇張,簡單的說,只是現下有較多的人運用個人電腦在家創作一些聲音或流動的影像,舒發工作壓力,話家常,說說生活或對事物的論點吧。 pattern: pattern is magic, pattern recognition machines is what we
are and working with patterns seems to serve our evolution well. When making
music I am producing just 50% of the end product. And remaining 50 % I demand
from curious listener. And I think it is a fair deal. I try to offer patterns
that are unique, not so easy to perceive.
the geographic area where is virtually no awareness of sound among the people?
Yes, it is bloody difficult. In financial terms, and in cultural terms as well.
Common sense of audio environment is dragged down by mediocrity of mainstream
demand and/or by induced, selective dumbness or stupidity of average "culture
consumer". There is next to zero promotion of sound-art unless it is backed up
by some babylonian events or big business. Things are going to change slowly. I
think this is the matter of gentle propagation, not marketing-oriented education
of consumers. Poland is a very tired country, tired of wars, of communism, of
politicians, of New World Order, of cultural, emotional and intellectual
poverty. Or it is just me? I can't tell... And the country is hungry for fresh
elements. It's hard to say whether shall we degenerate further or wake up and
regenerate. From the third side of the coin there is nothing to be worried
about. The harsher conditions = the more lively fruits.
// artist's short bioI live my life with my wife, my family and my friends.
I make music at my home studio that we call Olivahouse, also I am playing live
electronics sets, collaborating with likeminded people. Regarding long-term
plans: I am about to register non-profit art-organization to promote our
creative output on the field of audio, video, graffiti, sculpture, architecture,
design, programming... there's a group of skilled people around:-) hopefully
soon we will emerge;')
everything is dismantled and in pieces.nigredo is
necessary alchemical phase.order will emerge from chaos soon.
Asking about
my "professional life"?Due to harsh living environment where everybody must put
some effort in order to survive (you know, it's cold and windy here;)) I am not
making music for commercial purposes, because I wouldn't earn a single grosz
(although I will accept with a big smile every single payment due to my audio
activity;)) To live on I am working for an IT company producing quality
educational software. I am graphic designer, Photoshop, Flash, etc. My past
professional experiences also include few funny years of work as a consultant in
a head-hunters company (human resources management and recruitment).
藝術家簡介我的生活和老婆、家人、朋友連繫在一起。家裡有個小工作室,我們稱它為 [橄欖屋 Olivahouse]

大多數的事都片解開了 ::: everything is
dismantled and in pieces.
點石成金 ::: nigredo is
necessary alchemical phase.
秩序會由混沌中釋出 ::: order
will emerge from chaos soon.

Michal Liberak.
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