29 October 2007
  with no hesitation, a book for me (in this winter) to rethink about time,,,
Daniel BirnbaumChronology

With a Special Project by Paul Chan
28 October 2007
  so, trying to explain myth? >"<
rather then i would sit in the fire place and listen to tales (real myth;')) but now on seit 39, every sentences are incisively for a perfect parabola..
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  ,,, books
strange behaviors i have lately, again to read alot since i have a b/w laser printer, starting to print out online paper to read, on bus, on trains, at cafe, at festival, i am reading most of time, on net, offline~ but, i can't remember anything i read precisely, am i wasting knowledge? or has no pure knowledgeable coexisting that i am so hungry? specific theme cost 55 pond?!,~
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Evolutionary Computer Music

Miranda, Eduardo Reck; Biles, John Al (Eds.)

2007, XIV, 259 p. With CD-ROM., Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-84628-599-8

20 October 2007


"sisilili, hawhawlala, rabbit jumps, brain tofu, belly of water mellon." boss is sining while walking, and open the house door.


11 October 2007
  recent listening, of thier borrowed atmosphere~
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Field Muzick - label for experimental music and field recordings. Artists are Sebastien Roux, dronaement, infant cycle and many more.

Giesela - rot (5 tracks, 28:21) &&
marcus obst - trafic tonalité (1 track, 21:44)
frank rowenta - klänge siziliens (6 tracks, 19:34)

05 October 2007
Pure Data ( as a feminist tool for meaningful learning

by elpueblodechina a.k.a. Alejandra Perez Nunez
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The nature of patching together with the need to understand the processes that are involved in sound processing that is offered by Pure Data is an example of a method where learning develops as a network of relations. It triggers dynamic systems of understanding instead of static contents that you have to learn through official instructional models like learning to use the interface of a software tool. These can be said of other programming environments as well but I understand Pure Data as a software and as a community of people sharing roles in learning and educating. I would like to propose that Pure Data is a tool for feminist education since it propagates a receptive model, one that is different from a paranoid model that relates to controlling a piece of given software. I see appropriation, networks of relations, the power of integration as a feminine way -not meaning a woman way- but a receptive, symbiotic action that may empower learning environments for the oppressed.
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This paper addresses interactive art within the context of participatory culture, mapping current developments towards more open and creative forms of interactivity labelled ‘open interactions’. The size of the elements within an artwork, the ‘interactive granularity’, is stated as key to the creation of open interactions. The metaphor of conversation is used to explore interactivity and suggest future research/practice directions. It is suggested that the potential for interactivity to propagate further creativity relies heavily on the balance of specification for both interactor and system. Furthermore it is stated that truly conversational interactions are inherently open-ended and can result in both positive and negative outcomes by whatever standard.
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